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Eloy Alfaro Health District and Canton

The district of Salud y Cantón Eloy Alfaro is located in the north of the province of Esmeraldas-Ecuador. In this canton is the parish of Borbón, seat of the district, which has about 145 small parishes located in the Santiago-Cayapa river system and the sea area.
The Eloy Alfaro canton has two of the largest rivers in the province: the Santiago and the Cayapas. It is characterised by its exuberant vegetation and rich timber production, although the indiscriminate felling of its trees is seriously endangering the ecological balance of the region.

Parish of Luis Vargas Torres/Playa de Oro

This parish is made up of 1 precinct (Angostura) and 1 commune (Playa de Oro: parish seat). The parish is located between 135 metres above sea level and 3,400 metres above sea level, which means that rainfall is usually very abundant.

Parish of Santo Domingo de Onzole

There is an abundance of water in this parish territory. The entire periphery is crossed by estuaries that provide water flows in all seasons and are the main source of water for the inhabitants’ productive activities.
Majority ethnic groups: Afro-Ecuadorian-Black and indigenous Chachi.

Telembi Parish

The communities of the Telembí parish are located along the Cayapas River and tributaries of high biodiversity with different natural characteristics in forest masses and hydrographic basins.
The Cotacachi Cayapa Ecological Reserve stands out, a mountainous territory with very characteristic landscapes.

Selva Alegre Parish

Cabecera Parroquial Selva Alegre Asentamiento Rural Nucleado. Precinct or Localities: Chapilito Dispersed Rural Settlement, Picadero Dispersed Rural Settlement, Chanuzal Dispersed Rural Settlement, Palma Real Dispersed Rural Settlement, Rural Settlement.
Ethnicity: Afro-Ecuadorian Afro-descendant – NEGRO: 92%.

Parish of St. Francis of the Onzole River

Access to some communities is complicated and is done through the Ónzole River or through roads passable by beasts of burden and on foot.
The most numerous group is the Afro-descendants, followed by the indigenous people, by the settlements of the Chachi nationality.
The main activity of the parish is the cultivation and production of cocoa and the exploitation of wood.

Santa Lucía de Las Peñas Parish Church

Although 32% of the employed population is dedicated to agriculture, livestock and fishing, the economy of the parish revolves around tourism, with 13% of the population dedicated to tourism services and commerce.
The majority of the population identifies itself as mestizo, followed by blacks, mulattos and Afro-Ecuadorians, and to a lesser extent the population identifies itself as white, montubios and indigenous.

Bourbon Parish

The population centre is located on the left bank of the confluence of the Cayapas and Santiago rivers.
100% of the population lives in rural areas and the Afro-Ecuadorian ethnic group predominates with 33.82%, the black ethnic group with 22.66% and the mestizo with 20.69%.

Parish Valdez – Limones

Valdez, better known as Limones, the cantonal capital of Eloy Alfaro (Esmeraldas), is a fishing and farming town. Located in the north of the province, the town was totally destroyed by a dreadful fire on 11 August 1908, but was later rebuilt again.

Parish Colón Eloy del María

Cabecera Parroquial Colón Eloy. Precincts: San Antonio, Valdez, Guabinero. 92% of the population self-identifies as Afro-descendant-black.

Illustrations by: Lorenzo-Treaty of Animation