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Map of health assets in the Eloy Alfaro Zonal Administration of the city of Quito.

By 31 March 2023News, Public Dissemination

We have produced a map showing the health assets identified after holding participatory workshops in 8 parishes of the Eloy Alfaro Zonal Administration of the city of Quito.

People from neighbourhood organisations and groups, groups of diabetic and hypertensive patients, groups of elderly people, health service users, those who manage urban gardens, traditional medicine centres, cultural groups, the Ministry of Public Health and the Municipality of Quito participated in the preparation of this map.

Mapping makes it possible to focus attention on what benefits or harms the communities, which is why, after having carried out the mapping, a report has been drawn up which includes the positive and negative aspects identified by the participants in order to present it to the authorities involved and interested parties. This report, which will be presented soon, summarises, informs and highlights the aspects that need to be addressed and those that should receive special attention, as each parish has different characteristics that must be dealt with individually.

Knows the assets of the Eloy Alfaro Zonal Administration. 17D06: