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Presentation of Storytelling

By 25 May 2023News

We continue to work on Phase 3, using a research methodology that puts the community at the centre of the decision-making process, in which participants are no longer the object of study but an active part of the research process.

This May, researchers from the Miguel Hernández University and the PUCE Institute of Public Health carried out the participatory process of presenting the Storytelling in the Chiriyacu neighbourhood house in Chimbacalle, one of the most famous neighbourhoods in the south of Quito, with the participation of 29 patients, 3 of whom belonged to the team of community leaders.

The aim was to highlight the situation of the Chimbacalle Patients’ Club and its relationship with other patients’ clubs and other stakeholders by means of a sociogram.

Subsequently, based on what was discussed in the social diagnosis, a SWOT was carried out with the aim of prioritising important messages and a word cloud that gathers the group’s messages.

We want to demonstrate the enormous benefits that support groups have, both in the management of the disease and in social life, to show through the people and their stories their reality so that their strength translates into greater support from the institutions and the authorities.