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Press Release Casa Abiertas Esmeraldas

By 23 December 2022News

On Friday 23 September, the first phase of the community cycle of “Open Houses” was held with the participation of the Centre for Community Epidemiology and Tropical Medicine (CECOMET), health promoters belonging to the community and neighbours of the parish of Colón Eloy.

This initiative, which was organised through the Co-creation workshops held in July 2022, consists of the creation of three spaces for the exchange of community knowledge in which traditional knowledge is combined with scientific evidence on specific aspects such as diabetes, physical activity and healthy diet.

The first Open House held last Friday dealt with Diabetes and its implications for the health of the community, covering aspects related to prevalence, risk factors and knowledge about local foods. This activity marks the start of what is intended to be a series of Open Houses in which the community organises, delivers and actively participates in health promotion through community involvement and action.