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District 17D06 is located in the south of the city of Quito. It is one of the most populated planning districts in the country with more than 500,000 inhabitants. It is administratively divided into 8 urban parishes and 1 rural parish.

The 8 urban parishes of the district are shown below, you can see more information about each one by clicking on each map:


Traditional sector of the city, located in the northeast of the district. Here you can find emblematic places of the city such as the train station (from where the train leaves to Guayaquil), the Montufar School and the Mexico Theatre.

La Magdalena

This parish was a separate population centre of Quito, which existed for centuries before the conquest. Eventually the growing city of Quito enveloped this town. In La Magdalena we find emblematic sites of southern Quito such as the Atahualpa roundabout, the Villaflora Acoustic Shell and the Tribuna del Sur.

La Ferroviaria

Located in the eastern part of the district, this parish gets its name from the train tracks that still cross it. In this parish we can find emblematic sites of the city such as the Patronato Municipal San José and the Iglesia del Barco.


In the west of the district and up towards the mountains that surround the city, we find this beautiful parish. The Enrique Garcés Hospital, one of the most important in the city, is located here. In the parish there is an important indigenous population, which contributes significantly to the culture of the area.

La Mena

In the south-west of the district, this parish has a steep terrain that climbs up towards the Parque Metropolitano del Sur and the mythical Ungüi hill. Various traditional sporting and cultural activities are practised in the neighbourhoods of La Mena, such as Pelota Nacional – a sport played since before the 15th century with heavy racquets (called tablas).

San Bartolo

In the heart of the district, this parish is densely populated and very commercial. Here we find traditional sites such as Fire Station #7, the Parque de las Diversidades and the Parque de la Gatazo.


Towards the south of the district, this parish has emblematic places such as the Mercado Mayorista, which provides food for the whole city; and the “Gonzalo Pozo” stadium, home of the Sociedad Deportiva Aucas – one of Quito’s most popular football teams.

La Argelia

This parish is located in the extreme south-east of the district. Its highest neighbourhoods reach the ridge where the old Inca Trail used to pass. From here you can see the city in all its splendour on one side, and the immense eastern valleys of Quito on the other.

Illustrations by: Lorenzo-Treaty of Animation