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Sergio Morales at the 10th Conference on Development Cooperation and Health of the UMH

By 31 March 2023News

Our colleague Sergio Morales has participated in the X Conference on Development Cooperation and Health of the UMH presenting the community actions of co-creation in health that we have launched from the CEAD project.

Last year we began the phase of the community cycle of “Open Houses” in Esmeraldas, with the participation of the Centre for Community Epidemiology and Tropical Medicine (CECOMET) and health promoters belonging to the community and neighbours of the parish of Colón Eloy.

Three spaces were created for the exchange of community knowledge, combining traditional knowledge with scientific evidence on specific aspects such as diabetes, physical activity and healthy diet.

On the other hand, in the Ferroviaria Alta neighbourhood of Quito, after a process of community discussion, the transformation of a community space, the backyard of the Women’s Centre, into the first community garden in the south of the city was chosen as the action to be taken, in collaboration with the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE) and the Plurinational and Intercultural Conference on Food Sovereignty (COPISA))

All these actions constitute the preliminary phase of what forms a real process of contextualising evidence on diabetes through community participation in which participants are actors in the action/research process.

For more information on the co-creation actions in Esmeraldas and Quito: