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World Diabetes Day Workshop

By 22 December 2022February 20th, 2024News

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, on 13 November 2021 we organised an event to present experiences and results obtained during the European CEAD project.

This event created a meeting space where researchers from the UMH and the PUCE, together with patients, relatives, as well as other participants of the CEAD survey, had the opportunity to reflect on their personal experiences during the pandemic and the access barriers they had to face.

During the event, participatory dynamics were organised in which the participants were the protagonists. The theatre group “El derrumbe” performed real stories in a social theatre dynamic in order to make visible the main problems faced by patients and their families, as well as the impact of the pandemic on their health.

This project is led by researcher Lucy Anne Parker, lecturer in the Department of Public Health, History of Science and Gynaecology, member of the Global Health Research Group. The activity is part of the Organiza 2021 programme, which seeks to promote the dissemination of the scientific and technological culture of the UMH through various actions.

More than a simple presentation of data or return of results to patients and families, it was a testament to the CEAD Project’s commitment to the community and its focus on active collaboration to address public health challenges, highlighting the transformative power of community participation in both research and health care.

As part of this commitment to engagement and scientific dissemination, we have created a series of videos highlighting the experiences and challenges faced by the community. For additional information on diabetes in the context of the pandemic, click on the links below: